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Sign up to the SEO Leadership Insitute's SEO Interest Circles program to start to grow professionally and as members of civic society for social justice.

SEO Interest Circles gives alums the opportunity to join various groups and gather their collective wisdom and influence to address problems that inordinately affect Black, Latinx, and communities of color in our society. This peer-to-peer format will connect you with other alumni who share common interests or learning objectives and allows you to learn together as a group. SEO Interest Circles help you create organizational relationships and networks, drive career development goals, build key skillsets, expand knowledge, and increase functional expertise.

Why Become a Circle Lead?

  • SOLVE a challenge you and others are experiencing by creating a circle
  • GAIN facilitation skills through ownership of the circle 
  • GROW through peer support and exploration of ideas

Why Become a Member?

  • SUPPORT others who are experiencing similar challenges
  • LEARN from the success of others
  • GROW through peer support and exploration of ideas
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