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SEO Career is the nation’s premier pre-professional development program providing Black, Hispanic, and Native American undergrads with coaching, training, and access to internships across multiple lines of business. SEO Career currently partners with over 80+ companies offering summer internships and has a 40+ year track record of matching talent with opportunity. SEO Career supports pre-professional development through two stages: SEO Edge and SEO Success.

--SEO Edge participants receive the education, development, growth, and exposure needed to compete for internship opportunities with SEO Career partner organizations.
--SEO Success interns gain the opportunity, preparation, experience, and network to outperform peers and secure return offers with SEO partners.

SEO Career students participate in a 30-minute flash mentoring session with one of 200+ mentors that can share insight into their company, industry, and career path. This is guaranteed to cause a big impact. 

**Note: If you have used this platform in the past, please use your prior email address to log-in. You can then update your email address and profile from within the program. NOTE: If you have forgotten the email address for your account, please contact the administrator ( Please do not create duplicate accounts** 

“I think of SEO as a game changer.  It's the equalizer.  When you become part of SEO, you're not just another intern at the bank. You're an SEO intern. There are higher expectations.  Also, you become part of a family really, a network of professionals who are extremely successful and who are willing to give you advice, and tell you, essentially give you the playbook on how to be successful.”

 -  Jean Pierre, SEO Intern

“During the past year…my most fulfilling experience was working at Sponsors for Educational Opportunity…I coached minority college students as they interviewed with major banks, learned about new career possibilities, and prepared to make their own mark on the professional world. I was so proud to hear of their successes and very much realized that most of the knowledge and advice I imparted on them was in fact passed to me from my own experience as a mentee.”

– Gairy Hall, SEO Mentor

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. - John C. Maxwell

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